Fourth porn performer HIV positive

codom-1-1An AIDS health care advocacy group claims that a fourth porn performer has been tested positive for HIV.

President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), Michael Weinstein, told the Huffington Post that the performer approached the group saying he was HIV positive. “I think he wanted to check out everybody that could be of any help to him. We gave him information, but he’s not ready to come forward,” said Weinstein.

But it seems that’s all they know. Or, all they are willing to say…

It is not clear whether the performer contracted HIV on set or off, and Weinstein declined to say when the performer approached them or when he discovered that he had the disease.

The Free Speech Coalition, the industry trade group that oversees a database of all performers and their STD test results, has accused the Foundation of being untruthful.

“This information came from AHF who is currently trying to push regulation on the industry… It is extremely likely that this situation is more posturing for AHF’s political agenda,” the spokeswoman for FSC has said in an email.

Weinstein and the AHF helped pass a mandate in 2012 to have condoms made mandatory on porn sets in LA County, despite a large, coordinated campaign against it by the porn industry.

The porn companies say that condoms would hurt their profits so much that it would have forced them to film outside LA. Some porn performers even say that being forced to wear a condom is a violation of their freedom.

If you would like more information on living with/diagnosing HIV, contact ACON

Published on Urban Society / 11 September, 2013