That Song

I love it when you sing that song.
Looking at me for the lyrics
That you know I’m gunna get wrong.

The words that rip through my veins.
In your voice and mine.

The beat that vibrates our lives
Our beds, our bones.

All the ways you sing to me
To let me know we’re entwined.

True Lies

“Nice hair!”
“You’re really funny!”
“I love those shoes!”

All seem insincere to someone who was bought up in a life of sarcasm.

But like a lie whispered in the ear of a lover, the more you tell it the harder it becomes to tell the difference.

Mixing Markers

Coffee shops for creativity.
Home for relaxing.
Work for productivity.

We set up these markers.
But what happens when we mix them?

Finding something that makes your heart skip at work.
Or relaxing in a coffee shop.
Watching the people and ideas pass instead of trying to capture one.

Something amazing.
That’s what happens.
And often that’s all you need.

The Weariness of it All

Some days my body aches and my eyes drowse and I want to do nothing more than to lay all day and do nothing.

Because I get tired. I get tired of having to live up to expectations, that I will do something with my life. That I will achieve great things, because that is how you measure greatness.

You are supposed to get up and be a fighter. To not be lazy and to get out there and struggle because money makes the world whatever.

But while you’re out there, fighting your heart out, don’t forget to be happy. And to try and make a difference. And to have goals. And to nurture the relationships that make you part of human nature.

Dont forget to care about how you look, or what you can achieve or how everyone else feels about your presence.

But what if I don’t care about all of that, about any of that. What if right now I am just trying to focus on being a better person and on making the relationships that matter to me work.

Can I just do that for a little bit? Even if it means laying here for a couple more hours until I get the strength.

Everyone tells you how hard life is, but they don’t tell you that sometimes the hardest part is just getting up.

Watch me fly

Clipped wings.
Arms Wide.
I will fly.

In sickness and in health.
In good moods and bad.
When I’m up and when I’m down.
I will fly.

You tell me I can’t do better.
That little voice in my head.
It says you cant soar,
That you will fall.

But through the foul and the great,
I will fly.

I’ll show you,
I’ll fly high.

Tell me a bit about yourself

Tight stomach, constructed breath.

Strengths, weaknesses, any questions. Who are you?

I never say no.
I’m a people pleaser.
I work too hard.
I ruin every pair of jeans I own.
I say the wrong thing.
And sometimes I say nothing at all when it’s needed.
I’m needy but confident.
Smart but struggle for words.
And I tear everything apart that I have ever loved.

Does that sound like something that will work for you?

And They Say

They say to take care of your heart, to hide it away especially if you have felt the sting of it before.

They say that you should remove your soul, to not show people your vulnerability, to not waste time with hobbies and to hustle for the material things that you want in life.

But they forget

They forget how good it feels when you open up your heart. When you steal a kiss, a hug, a dream.

They forget to get lost in your art can let you breathe, let you feel, let you love.

So don’t listen to those that harden themselves. They are scared and they can’t remember what it’s like to have a smile on their face. A smile that shows the world that you have love, and you have soul. Something that you should never lose.

So be careful with your heart yes. But never feel afraid to show the world what you love.