The Weariness of it All

Some days my body aches and my eyes drowse and I want to do nothing more than to lay all day and do nothing.

Because I get tired. I get tired of having to live up to expectations, that I will do something with my life. That I will achieve great things, because that is how you measure greatness.

You are supposed to get up and be a fighter. To not be lazy and to get out there and struggle because money makes the world whatever.

But while you’re out there, fighting your heart out, don’t forget to be happy. And to try and make a difference. And to have goals. And to nurture the relationships that make you part of human nature.

Dont forget to care about how you look, or what you can achieve or how everyone else feels about your presence.

But what if I don’t care about all of that, about any of that. What if right now I am just trying to focus on being a better person and on making the relationships that matter to me work.

Can I just do that for a little bit? Even if it means laying here for a couple more hours until I get the strength.

Everyone tells you how hard life is, but they don’t tell you that sometimes the hardest part is just getting up.

Posted June 29, 2016 by Coralee Kelly in category "Creative", "Uncategorized", "Writing

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