A glimpse of more

The train slows down slightly, offering up the splendor outside its window. A fascinating landscape, filled with other peoples nostalgia and peeping history. A single street tapers down to a busy city, you can just glimpse people running around completing their errands The rain doesn’t even seem to bother them. Why should it, the sky is a constant downpour of romantic sentiment. Is this what you want? The street seems to widen, to invite; think what you could achieve here it whispers. You could thrive in this whimsical life you suppose, stuck in a constant daydream. Imagine what creative juice would come out of here, no wonder the greatest scholars found their muse in this dreary city.

But what of adventure? What of sunshine? How could you truly survive when the need for sun infiltrates your mind? The carriage is almost empty now; the guards are looking at you expectantly as you stand with your hand on your luggage. “What’s the next stop after this?” You ask out of curiosity. The answer surprises you, giving the guards an apologetic smile you sit back down. Perhaps the next stop will have the answer.

Posted September 10, 2015 by Coralee Kelly in category "Creative", "Home", "Writing

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